About us

Mandoo was created with the purpose of providing computer solutions on Internet to large and small companies. Our ongoing development has enabled us to position ourselves among the leaders in the sector of innovative companies.

Betting on the evolution of new technologies and the usability, Mandoo Global SL has made a U-turn on the online services by providing companies with a centralized management system composed by professional tools on demand.

Our company's success is based on grouping different services in only one platform and on the multidisciplinary job of our team, who has a great experience on the new technologies sector. Our project responds to market needs, with values and ethics that are deeply rooted, all of it agreed from the following areas perspective:

Our customer feels supported at every moment. thanks to our methodology.



Our know-how let companies to highlight their differential advantages in the Online Business and to be more competitive.

The main objective of Global Mandoo SL consists on providing to companies a complete package of solutions that allow them to automate, simplify and centralize the management of their Internet processes.

Our team designs and develops products and solutions based on the Internet, through our own technolog; being tailored to your business under a subscription model.

Our business model allows our consumers to pay for what they are going to use.




Our philosophy consists on provide the suitable means to make your internet presence a success. To achieve this, Global Mandoo SL collects all the necessary information to get the best results. This, combined with aunbeatable quality/price relationship., which could be resumed on a sentence “Pay for what you use”.

It is essential to offer quick and easy solutions to companies, knowing that our client needs to meet the highest professional performance without needing a detailed knowledge of the computingFor that end, taking into account the future we are in constant market research, developing solutions which anticipate, adapt and respond to your needs. 

Global Mandoo SL team goal is to reach the maximum quality of its products and services. It is based on a determinate and constant support for the technological innovation, for the evaluation of our knowledge and for the experience in new technologies.




Our business is inspired on the application of determined corporative values. Among them we can highlight the Simplicity, Efficacy, Economy, Usability, Scalability, Development, Optimization, Professionalism, Human Quality, as well as the constant research of quality improvement and as our assumption of responsibilities regarding to the satisfaction of the tactical needs of our clients and the promotion of its differentiate business model.




Our main objectives are:




Global Mandoo SL has evolved on its product to achieve a unique platform where there are a centralized number of services and products, which have derivatived from previous research proyects during years. For more information about this platform you can consult